Painting Portugal - Tiles, patterns and figures

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Painting Portugal - Tiles, patterns and figures.

From the grandest buildings to the most vernacular examples, Portuguese architecture is brimming with patterns in the shape of azulejos, floorings, stucco-work in building ceilings and wrought iron. Handcrafted work, such as Renda de Bilros (bobbin lace), also produce complex patterns. There are endless figurative representations depicting scenes from our history. These include stained glass, giltwood carvings in churches and other monuments, azulejo wall panels, carved stone or simply love messages such as those embroidered on the “sweetheart handkerchiefs” of Viana do Castelo. This colouring book presents a number of patterns and figures from Portuguese buildings and it is hard not to be enchanted by the detail and artistry of some of these compositions.
We hope you have fun and relax as you colour in this book and at the same time contemplate the wealth of architectural details that were characteristic of earlier ages.

Size22 x 21,5 x 1 (cm)
Weight300 g
AuthorshipPedro Rodrigues - Ilustrations by Maria Manuela Morais
CompositionFolha Coral book white 150 g
Book cover350g card paper with mate plastic and UV vernish
PublisherObjecto anónimo